I'll be gone someday when the    Lord's finished with me here on the earth



  I've stood here now for some thirty years around the city here and screamed this same Message. I'm getting old. I can't be with you too much longer. But remember, in the day of Judgment, my voice is recorded, and it'll speak out against you.  …And that's supposed to be the Message of the hour, to restore back the hearts of the children back to the faith that was once delivered to the saints.



  Excuse this, but I want you to know the Truth. And I haven't got much time left, you know that, I'm fifty-five. But these tapes will live when I'm gone, and you'll see whether it's right, or not, if I be a true servant or a false prophet.



  And I remember the vision of the Lord not long ago. Do you remember me telling it here? The sweetness of the Lord that morning, said, "Do not fear whatever, wherever to go, or what, for the never-failing Presence of Jesus Christ is with you wherever you go." So he can't, Satan can't kill me until God says "it's finished." 1 See? He might try it, but he'll never succeed in doing it.


ONE.IN.A.MILLION  LA.CA  V-18 N-1  65-0425M

  …"Father, I pray Thee that Thou will in somehow help me, give me strength, for the hour that I'm now facing. And if my work is finished here on earth, then I must come to You.


[1] (fin'ish), —v.t.

                1.    to bring (something) to an end or to completion; complete

2.     to come to the end of (a course, period of time, etc.)

                        to use completely



  John, his destiny was met like this. He was caught and boiled in a vat of grease for twenty-four hours, of hot boiling grease, and without any harm coming to him. And they put him on the isle, as commonly believed, as a witch, "He bewitched the grease so it wouldn't burn him," they said. 'Course, it was the power of God, that... You can't boil the Holy Spirit out of a man. Why, so they tried to boil It out of him, but God wouldn't permit it. And He had a work for him to do. And until God was finished with His man, there's nothing in the world can bother him. That's all.



  I want to thank each and every one of you all for your prayers for me while I... You know, I had a little explosion down on the range down there. And Satan tried to kill me and--and a... 'Course he couldn't do it; God wasn't through with me yet. So he just can't do it until it's all over. When God's finished, then I'm ready.



  Now, I don't want to hurt you. And this is not a joke, this is THUS SAITH THE LORD from the Scriptures. It's exactly true, friend. I'm an old man, I haven't got much longer to stay, but I've got to tell you the Truth. If this is my last message, it's the Truth. See?



  Now, care all this Message. And when you listen to the tape--even maybe I'll be gone someday when the Lord's finished with me here on the earth--you'll refer back to this. 2   Listen to my voice, what I'm telling you. If He takes me before His coming, just remember, I've spoke to you in the Name of the Lord by the Word of the Lord.



  And no matter how much we cry out and think this, that, or the other, nothing can take us until God is finished with us.


2  This statement does not lend itself to the idea that Brother Branham will come back  again “to earth” to finish his commission.



  Death won't bother that quickening power at all. "Though the skin worms destroys this body, yet in my flesh shall I see God." Glory to God. What a... I don't know what to say... What a hope for an old man like me, knowing I see my end time right out yonder soon, as fifty-six years old.


Master, it seems that my life is dwindling away from me. I don't know how much longer You'll let me be here on this earth. But I pray for many years, if You can use me. But when Thou art finished with me, may I come to You. But I know that I shall be able to stay until I have completed the work that You've foreordained that should be done.


If you want an appointment with me, as soon as life is over, and it's all finished, there's a... Where the river of Life comes out from under the Throne, and comes down, this way, and goes around the mountain of--of salvation, and there--where the trees are on either side of the mountain; over on that side, there's a choir sings. All the great voices sing over there. There'll be Sankey, and all of them over there singing.
And over on this other side, there's this little tree; I'll be setting under that tree listening. So now... That's where I want to be to hear that great, Angelic choir join in with the mortals. But you know, I was thinking, that the Angels, when Jesus comes... And one singing I want to be at, the great singing, is to hear the times that when we stand upon this earth and sing the songs of redemption.


“when my life, my body … will be back in the dust of the earth”



  I'm glad I got faith in Him tonight that someday when my life, my body with its sixteen elements will be back in the dust of the earth. But He will say, "William Branham." and I'll come forth. He will breathe the breath of life into it and say, "There you are." He will bypass the birth--birth of (See?), my mother and so forth. Like Jesus on his first miracle, He turned water into wine. Eventually it would've been wine, but He bypassed all that procedure, and said, "Turn the water to wine." At the resurrection, 3 He will not say, "Mr. and Mrs. Branham get married again and bring forth William." He will speak, and I'll come forth. Amen.



 No matter, I've turned back to cosmic light, and whatever I may be, He will speak and I'll come forth on that day because I believe Him. Amen. That's right. Resurrection... Raise me up in the last day, He said He'd lose nothing; "I'll raise it up again in the last day." Sure.



   But, God, if--if--if I have to seal my testimony with my own life, or whatever it is to be done, Lord, crown it then, not crown me; crown the ministry that I've preached, Lord, it's Your Word. And I know that Word is more than able to raise me up again at the resurrection.


God bless you. And I hope to see you again next Sunday, and if I can't see you... or next Saturday. If I don't see you then, see you down at Tucson. If not then, I'll see you back here the seventeenth. If not then, I'll see you in Glory.


3  Brother Branham described exactly when he would come back in the event of death overtaking him.at the resurrection”And when he would see us again, …in Glory, not at a future tent meeting.



  And God has already raised us up, potentially. The quickening power that raised us from a life of sin, and changed our being, it has potentially raised us up in Christ Jesus, which, the resurrection will bring us forth in the fully maturity.



  He's built a complete church in His image. And at the resurrection this complete Body will be raised up to live with Him forever, because it is a Bride. See? So that cuts in every age, every age that comes.



  Bury me in Jesus, for those that are in Christ will God bring with Him in that resurrection. And I don't care what the world's got to say, how much they try to tinselize things. It's in Christ, those that are in Christ that God will bring with Him. The spiritual mind catches those spiritual things.



   All right, to the believers... Notice, the first Elijah, that was him. The second was Elisha. The third was John. The fourth was the seventh angel or the last messenger to the church, according to Malachi 4 and Revelations 10:7. Now, the fifth time, he is a messenger to the Jews, to the hundred and forty-four thousand, to the Jews after the Church is gone. 4  



  Now, in the days of the prophets, what happened? They did the same thing. They didn't recognize them till they had done come, ministry had finished took out of that the Elected, and then after they were gone they recognized that there had been a prophet among them.


4   The spirit of Elijah is sent a total of 5 times. Only once does it appear to the Gentiles.

UNVEILING OF GOD … all the mysteries of God should be made known IN that Elijah”.



We'll ride this trail again



  The shuck's pulling away so the wheat can lay out there now. See? So just keep reverent; keep praying. See? Remember, they that wait upon the Lord, renew their strength. Now, there's... I was getting pretty old, and I thought, "Will I... Will there be another revival, I'll see another time?" And just remember, from the west will come a white horse rider. We'll ride this trail again. That's right. Soon as we get ready. It's a promise.



  Oh, people, don't think I... You may think I'm crazy. But when my voice is silenced in death, these tapes will still be playing, and you'll recognize that what I've said has come to pass.


KNOWETH.IT.NOT  JEFF.IN  V-2 N-10  65-0815

  And I know that after my going away from this earth them tapes and them books will be living on, 5   and many of you young children will find in the days to come that this is exactly the truth, because I speak it in the Name of the Lord.


KNOWETH.IT.NOT  JEFF.IN  V-2 N-10  65-0815

  …a great white military horse walking in a prance." That's the Word, of course, you know it, walking in a prance.


5 We know the “white horse rider” was Brother Branham,  and the “horse” was the Word.  His message has continued as promised.  Note: We’ll ride this trail….



  But this message that I'm preaching is the true message of this day, and it's the last message. You see what I'm doing, brethren? I'm putting you all the same place I am, 'cause you're just as much into it as I am. You are messengers of this same message.


KNOWETH.IT.NOT  JEFF.IN  V-2 N-10  65-0815

  "That horse, standing there like a military horse, with a prance like this, walking, me standing still. And said, "You pulled on the reins, went riding off towards the west."

Said, "I looked down there and there was a whole lot of scientists." The next morning (That was Saturday.)--on the next morning I preached on scientists, you know, being of the Devil.

And he said, "Scientists there were pouring things in tubes and mixing them." Said, "You stopped the horse, raised up your hands and begin to scream: `I'll ride this trail once more.'" Said, "The whole earth shook. Them people shook," said, "looked up at one another, like that, looked up to you, and just shrugged their shoulders, and went on with their scientific research."  7

And said, "You started going on towards the west



   See, you must realize then, friend, what condition you're in. That's the reason this tape, I said, "to church only," see, "to church only." If you've been called from light... from darkness unto Light, from death unto Life; from a formal, intellection conception of Christ, to a born-again experience; and watching your life, that it lays the things of the world aside, and you stand for Christ, regardless; then something's happened.


7  Brother Branham re-tells a spiritual dream that a brother had concerning Brother Branham. In the dream, Brother Branham, was mounted upon a white horse representing “the Word,” or his message.  It is clear to me that his statement, “I'll ride this trail once more,” is the continuation of his tapes and books, verbatim, exactly as he preached them; going on after his death. It is also a solemn warning to those who have allowed denominational, intellectual, and  “scientific” teachings to creep into the message.  Notice how in the dream, these scientific minded men, (busy mixing things together, i.e. their intellectual conceptions with the Word) barely have their attention arrested when Brother Branham spoke, “I'll ride this trail once more.” It is a perfect type of many who teach erroneous Message doctrine. When they are confronted and pointed back to the books and tapes, they simply “shrug.” All mysteries, doctrines, and teachings were totally clarified by Brother Branham,  yet they go right on, with a mixture or  concoction of their own reasoning and the Word.



  The tape ministry is a worldwide thing, everywhere. I think it's one way God has got scattering the Message back into the heathen lands, back in where that it has to be translated.



Let them understand, dear God. Faith, I believe it, because It's revealed by Your Spirit through the Word of God and has been vindicated and made manifest to the whole world. Certainly, Lord, in the minority, always your groups are that way. But You said, "Fear not, little flock; it's your Father's good will to give you the Kingdom."

So I pray, God, that men will look away from their intellects, will look away from what they might think is right, and look into the Scripture.



  What did Satan pregnate Eve with? To disbelieve the Word for intellectuals, intellects, and it ruined the whole creation. That's exactly what she's done in the Word today, the church.


PARADOX.A  CHICAGO.IL  V-21 N-3  63-0801

  Watch when that Light hit those priests and all their intellects. What happened? They said, "He is Beelzebub, a fortuneteller, a devil."

He said, "You are of your father, the devil." That's where it come from.



  "Seven days, eat unleavened bread." No leaven shall be found amongst the Bride, no--no word added, no nothing. Remember, one word caused every death that's in the earth; every illegitimate child was borned because Eve, the first church, the bride of the first Adam, doubted God's Word and accepted a denominational, or a intellectual, or a school exceptions of it; because It was reasoned out, that "Surely, God is a good God." God is a good God, but He's also a just God. He must keep His Word.



  The Pentecostal church by no means, by no means could carry out the last day message in its present condition. Could it? Why, it can't even agree on one or two words in the Bible. How you going to do it? It can't do it. So you see, denomination's out. That's right. It is going to be a elected people, that's elected for it.

Now, note. And so everyone of us know that the whole rank of denominationals, Pentecostal, and all, are dead; that is to the born again Christians of the Message. See? Your first husband is dead. You know he's dead. God let it die. It's finished. All of its scientific intellectual, educational, scientific ways of its so-called Bible schools and things is perished. What's it done? Separated. Oneness here and trinities here, and twoness here, and over here, and down here, such a mess up and call themselves, "Pentecostals."



  So we know they're dead. God let it die in its own selfish, scientific, educational programs. …

You think I am trying to support ignorance? I'm not. I'm telling you there is a difference between this intellectual age, that we're living in, where the church has been pregnated with science and all these so-called figured out and everything. You don't figure out God. Well, them--them priests had God figured out so perfect; they knowed how the Messiah was going to come. But He come so different from what they had figured out; it wasn't scientific. "How could this man, being an illegitimate child... Where did he go to school at? Where'd his education come from? Where'd he get this learning? Why, you try to teach us? You're born in fornications." Oh, for goodness sake.



  Now, now, we notice: then that Life being in you, God's Life being in you from the foundation of the world... Now, now, you cannot mix denomination creed with the Word, because they're too contrary, one to the other. That's exactly what Satan tried to do with his intellectual conceptions to Eve.



  The Word is being put together for to be transformed from the ground to the skies. Seeing the structure of the thing; but with their intellectual conceptions, laughed in the face of the prophet, Noah, when he was prophesying of the end time. But what did... That structure was made of the Word of God, pitched inside and out with prayer and faith. When the rains come, all the intellectual conceptions of religions died and rotted right in the--right in their churches, right upon the earth. And the ark floated above it all. The scientific spray seed rotted right in judgment.



  …just illegitimate to the Word as Cain was.

…Just as illegitimate as Cain was. That's the kind of child he brought forth from Eve. They got away from the Word, and then, see what she brought? That's just exactly what the church has brought: the same thing. Can prove it to you by the Word. And that's where education and civilization come through Cain. That's exactly right. For they claim... But they--they claim to be sons of God, but they're denominational-bred, denominational schooled scholars, everything else. That's exactly right. Subtle, smart, my, so was the serpent, their father. That's right. Just as subtle and scientific, preachers as Cain was. See? It's exactly the same thing.



  Now, we're closing in saying this: Finish up the great commission, how could they do it? We know they're dead. God let it die in its scientific age all of it's so... So He could do what? Open up the Seven Sealed mystery to the undenominational Bride. How can a denomination accept those Seven Seals when it's absolutely contrary? Serpent's seed and all those other things, the whole full Seven Mysteries is contrary to what they've been taught, because they took the old school from the Bible school. And the Seven Seals of God, when it was opened on the mountain... God, let me die right now in this pulpit if that ain't the Truth.


SATAN'S.EDEN  JEFF.IN  V-2 N-20  65-0829

  Now, by unbelief in all of God's Word has brought the seed of unholiness in Satan's Eden. We are now entering in where Satan is taking the throne as the antichrist in a Eden of this earth, a Eden of sin, perverted religion. He started, not upon: "I am Satan. I am the great angel." No, not upon that, but upon perverting God's Word. And that's how he's brought his kingdom in every age. And now in this great deceitful age, ready to take his throne by his people. He's built himself an intellectual, educated, scientific Eden. Right. Scientific preachers, scientific church, scientific theology--everything is scientific. Everything's on basis of knowledge. The whole church is built upon knowledge. It ain't built upon faith.



  Where is those men of integrity? Where are they at? They're so soft, and through intellectual conceptions and things, till they're not here no more. O God, have mercy upon us.



  The Word always corrects the error. And if people could only see it today, the Word corrects the error. The whole thing is becoming an error. But God's Word is what's right. He said, "Heavens and earth will pass away, but My Word shall not pass away."

And the Word that's prophesied for this day corrects the error of the day. You understand? The Word Itself corrects the error. The people today, say, "Oh, let's join this. Let's go to the council. Let's do all these things." That's a error. And the Word comes back and corrects that error by identifying Itself, the hour, and the time of the hour. Now, we know those things are true.



  So say I in the Name of Jesus Christ. Don't you add one thing.

Don't take--put your own ideas in It. You just say what is said on those tapes.